Chris C. – USMC

Adam Winch is the real deal. He is professional, realistic and effective. His training is exceptional. I highly recommend Defenders USA. I look forward to taking all the courses he offers that will make me a more effective, efficient and highly trained professional. It doesn’t happen with one class. It happens over a long period of time with many classes, taken many times. You gotta put in the time, effort and resources to become great. Adam is great.


I just spent 2 days in the desert with this guy [D-USA head instructor], and boy have I seen the light! So many new things I’ve learned about shooting, technique, guns, ammo…it actually made me realize one gun I had just wasn’t right for me. So I sold it and got one that fit me better with the knowledge that I now have. I highly recommend the Fri-Sun [Defenders Series] session, it is the best money I’ve ever spent. And I already had my ccw, I just wanted to take it a step (or 10) further.