David H. – Fighting Rifle Applications grad (Dec. 2019)

“I’ve been shooting rifles for over forty years, spent half my adult life in the Army, and learned more in one day from Adam than I ever thought I could at this age. Defenders USA’s fighting rifle course is absolutely worth every penny and every minute, in fact it’s a steal. You know two or three great teachers you’ve had in your life who make an impact and you always remember? Put Adam in that same group. His technical, practical, and mechanical knowledge is impressive…but he quickly learns his audience, makes the lessons entertaining, genuinely cares for every student, safety is paramount at every step, and he puts everything he has into each class. I experienced the same in his handgun training. Classrooms are one thing but when you encounter that in a live fire, hands-on, field training environment, it’s truly priceless.

This class will take you from the basics, then quickly to advanced drills that you can do on your own at any time. Concepts, movements, and explanations were logical and repeatable. This class will arm you with the knowledge to further train yourself and also sniff out BS in equipment and other training. Plus, it’s fun! I came home tired and muddy but had an absolute blast at every step of the way!

I highly recommend it to anyone from those with a passing interest in how a black rifle works to those who consider themselves experts. Yes, even you veteran or LEO, odds are you probably haven’t trained like this. We are lucky to have this resource close to home. I’ll be sending my friends and family Adam’s way. Hardware comes and goes but knowledge is forever.”

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