Jane (Defenders Series grad, May ’14)

“I continue to think and ponder the learnings and ah- ha moments from the weekend. I am aw-struck with the passion in which you convey your knowledge about this important topic. Your command of its depth and breadth is significant and your stories that punctuate the concepts drive the key points solidly home. Additionally and not less significant is the manner in which you so carefully weave morality, spirituality and love of mankind into this life altering choice.

I am very grateful that my path was guided to you and your work with “defenders”. I feel very proud to know you. Please accept my personal gratitude to you for your strong commitment and values to teach others and help them understand the depth of their soul in making a personal defense decision.”


“Runnin’ & Gunnin’. I can’t say enough positive things about the Defender’s USA course that I attended this weekend. Friday night’s CCW class was extremely informative and educational. Saturday, we spent all day in the Defensive Handgun Course learning everything from “this is a gun” to moving & shooting, high stress situations, precise engagements and more. I’ve never turned on the lead faucet while being so accurate and efficient. Adam Winch is an incredible instructor who truly cares about teaching and saving lives. His personality and sense of humor is paramount in helping everyone enjoy themselves while learning and refining these life saving skills. If you own and/or carry a firearm for self defense, you MUST attend these classes.”