Johann L. – Real Estate Agents Defensive Handgun Course (April 2019)

“I went into his training with all hesitation and nerves, he quickly calmed them and helped me get over so many fears in a short amount of time. Adam’s knowledge and passion are apparent in every thing he does. I will continue my path with his instruction. Thankful for him and his course.”


“When I first took the gun out of the box I was scared and in tears. I went to this class twice. I learned so much and it was so fun. I learned how to face a lot of my fears and am not so afraid of what I am not sure of. I took this class (Defenders Series) out of necessity  and am going to take it again. I hope and pray no one is ever in the position I am but if you ever are, it is better to be prepared than be sorry. It will save and protect my family.”