Johann L. – Real Estate Agents Defensive Handgun Course (April 2019)

“I went into his training with all hesitation and nerves, he quickly calmed them and helped me get over so many fears in a short amount of time. Adam’s knowledge and passion are apparent in every thing he does. I will continue my path with his instruction. Thankful for him and his course.”


“You don’t even know how much I so loved your class Friday. I didn’t go in very enthused, end of day classroom setting and these types of sessions tend to be a bit rote. You had me from the beginning! Besides laughing all the way through it (I held back from laughing hysterically even more than I did so I wouldn’t come off more ding-a-lingy.) You made the information hit home and easily remembered. I did type out my notes and put them in a place to go over once a month though. About a year ago I told (my husband) that I was feeling very unsure about what situations might require use of a weapon, you nailed it for me!”