Lisa R. – June 2020 “Defenders Series” grad

“Took the Defenders Series course offered by Defenders-USA last weekend here in GJ. Taking this class gave us what we need to get a concealed carry permit …. But it does SO much more! It touches on what you can do under the law, what you should do, and then what to expect in the aftermath (God willing it never happens!). Three class sessions, and two long afternoons of defensive handgun training and advanced tactical training. I’ve always been a bit nervous with my gun, not now! I’ve never had a better overall idea of what it REALLY takes to defend yourself and/or a loved one, should the need arise. I cannot stress the professionalism of Adam Winch and his assistants Russell and Rob (and Ryan). The knowledge, background, information and training Adam and his crew have is unparalleled. This series is comprehensive, thought-provoking, mentally and physically taxing and AWESOME!!! If you’re even considering getting your CCP, you have to take this class! We took the CCP class about 12 years ago, it was vastly inferior to this class – if you had a previous class not taught by Adam, you need to take this class. Thank you Adam! if you want to sign up!”

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