Michael – CCW Course (April 2015) – Police / Military 30+ years

“Took this class with Adam instructing it. I was completely impressed. I have taken many gun safety, CCW, and all types of shooting classes before, but Adam Winch is the best I have seen teaching it. I can’t wait to take the completely Defenders USA course later on! Thanks again, Adam for your special insight, knowledge, and the most interesting classroom manner I have seen lately!!”

“Thank you again for a fantastic course in Cortez!  My wife is planning on taking the course sometime soon (maybe coming to Grand Junction).  Here is my review of the course:
The Defenders Series was by far the most phenomenal class I have ever taken.  Adam is an energetic, knowledgeable, and motivational instructor both in the classroom and on the range.  The content of the Defenders Series spans many topics I had never truly thought through regarding the defense of life and the resulting consequences.  On the range, I developed the confidence and ability to recognize and address a threat.  This fast paced, inspirational, and “high caliber” training is beyond a doubt worth every penny and cartridge!  I look forward to taking more classes with Defenders USA.”
-Cattle Rancher, Cortez, CO area