Michael – CCW Course (April 2015) – Police / Military 30+ years

“Took this class with Adam instructing it. I was completely impressed. I have taken many gun safety, CCW, and all types of shooting classes before, but Adam Winch is the best I have seen teaching it. I can’t wait to take the completely Defenders USA course later on! Thanks again, Adam for your special insight, knowledge, and the most interesting classroom manner I have seen lately!!”


“I have been around and used firearms all of my life, age 52 now. I have had a CCW since age 21 and attended the required classes in multiple states.

I knew I needed more training on the actual use of a handgun as the defensive tool it was being carried for. But, was never able to find a workable course. Stumbling upon Adam’s course changed that.

In the Defensive Combat Handgun 1 course, Adam was able to teach how to accurately fire under stress, the kind of stress that make the sights disappear, and make it a repeatable skill that can be practiced and improved. I am very glad to have found Adam’s organization and hope to gain further training under his tutelage.

The class was worth every penny and much more”.

Patrick D.
Vernal, UT