Morgen – Feb. 2015 (Ladies Unarmed Self Defense)

Got my butt handed to me today at a women’s self-defense class with Defenders USA. Oh. My. Goodness. I hurt in places I didn’t even know I had. Not the “I had a good workout, now my muscles are achy and sore” kind of hurt. The “I just got punched and kicked and hit and pushed and I’ll have bruises for days” kind of hurt. I’m not a physical, athletic person, AT ALL , and I’m beat tonight. Plus, there was a lot of in-my-bubble-contact from other humans, not my thing either. An Epsom salt soak and some magnesium lotion are in order for tonight….right after TWD, that is.
[Tough fire fighter lady] and [Tough soccer girl]……You. Two. Are. Beasts. For real. Holy cow girls! Tough as nails and super athletic…I’m glad Adam paired me up with [a sweatheart no one should mess with]! (Though she can be a little frightening too).
Also, I’ll probably end up going back and doing it again next month………….after I recover from this round.
I’m going to have to get an adjustment and a massage just to be able to move my limbs.


(****Names withheld for privacy purposes)


There is absolutely no words to describe how much My life is forever changed. The “Defender’s Series” is taught with heart and soul…Adam says several times through out the course “I want you to live” nearing the end of Sunday, I knew it to be absolutely true…. and that I WILL live… I will defend….( Falling is easier then getting back up) I am no longer a “victim” I am a SURVIVOR!!!! Thank you, from my heart to yours…. I started the course intimidated…. left with admiration, confidence and hope.