There is absolutely no words to describe how much My life is forever changed. The “Defender’s Series” is taught with heart and soul…Adam says several times through out the course “I want you to live” nearing the end of Sunday, I knew it to be absolutely true…. and that I WILL live… I will defend….( Falling is easier then getting back up) I am no longer a “victim” I am a SURVIVOR!!!! Thank you, from my heart to yours…. I started the course intimidated…. left with admiration, confidence and hope.


“This [Defenders Series] is by far the most inclusive CCW course around. Comparable courses are in the thousands of dollars. So much more of a tactical training and strategic use of your firearm than just some CCW class. Carrying your firearm and knowing how to draw point and shoot is one thing; knowing that your better at it than the dirtbag in front of you is totally different. Jump on this opportunity while it’s still affordable. It’s Worth 10x what you’ll pay.”