Tony – May 30th – June 1st Defenders Series grad

I wanted to give you a few words of mine about the course. First a little background. I’ve takin a couple of NRA classes, went through a C.A.R. class and have shot IDPA. I’ve also watched a few vids, but nothing really felt like it was exactly what I was looking for. And If anyone knows sometimes you don’t know what it is you are looking for untill you find it. I think it all boils down to what we all want is to shoot fast and accurate and then faster and then more accurate.  So I decided to take the Defenders Series classes with an open mind. I mean really, what is it that I had to lose… and the answer is nothing.  I found EXACTLY what I was looking for! The basis of pistol fighting. I was taught how to shoot fast with accuacy in a real world mindset. Knowledge is power! Knowledge and know-how to defend yourself from an assailant means living! I’m extremely impressed how the classes where conducted and will be attending more training in the near future. Thank you for offering such outstanding training!”


The class has been fast paced and very informative… the information and training is very clear and precise.  All in All, very informational.  Great teaching/instructor.  Very to the point.