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Dallas R. – CHP, Handgun Fundamentals, and Speed & Precision grad (March ‘21)

“We attended Adams Handgun Fundamentals course as well as the Handgun Speed & Precision clinic. Both Phenomenal Courses and Excellent Instruction! I always considered my knowledge of Firearm Safety and handling to be excellent but quickly learned that I had an enormous to amount to learn. This training has totally changed my viewpoint. I will no doubt be back for more. Thank you Adam Winch and Defenders USA. Your training is Top Notch!”

Jasmyne D. – CHP, Handgun Fundamentals, and Handgun Speed & Precision grad (March ‘21)

“Let’s talk shooting for a minute. I spent this last weekend taking a couple of classes through Defenders USA. I don’t like shooting; let’s just get that out of the way right now. It’s not that I hate it, I simply don’t love it. I don’t like when I miss; it sends me into a practical panic when I mess up. (Never fear, that’s not the only thing that I don’t like to mess up: I’m a walking panic attack. 😉😆)
However, having made the decision to carry a firearm for my protection and the protection of others, it is MY responsibility to train with said firearm. It is MY responsibility to know how to shoot, when to shoot, and where every one of my rounds goes. Simply carrying a gun without training does not make me cool; it quite honestly makes me an absolute moron. If I don’t know what I’m doing, then why am I even carrying? I am more of a danger than a help at that point.
All this to say: I implore you all- if you’re going to make the decision to exercise your rights (and by all means, you should) you NEED to have good quality training. I believe it’s quite irresponsible to not. If I can do this, every single person out there can. I don’t want to do an all day class- it’s not my idea of fun. My idea of fun is sitting on my couch with a good book and being left alone. 🤷‍♀️ But guess what? Learning to be efficient with a handgun is responsible. It’s what we should all strive to be. If you also would love to get some good, high quality training, you absolutely need to go to Adam Winch with Defenders USA. He makes it easy to learn and he makes it fun and of course he and his family are just absolutely incredible people. I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend once I got out of MY head and found out that sometimes it’s okay to not be perfect; keep practicing and you will get there. Like I said, if I can do this, you absolutely can! Get your training!!!!”

Gabriel H. – Fighting Rifle Applications 1 (March 2021)

(Of note: Gabriel is an Executive Protection professional, a highly-trained “gun” guy)  

“Thanks again so much, Adam! I had a blast today and look forward to more training with you and trusting you with my wife as well. You are honestly the best instructor I’ve been able to train under. I appreciate all you’re doing and have done to get me in the class.”

Robert P. – Handgun Speed & Precision (March 2021)

“Adam, thank you for your careful and thorough training last Saturday.  You are a very effective teacher. I learned a lot, mostly that I need a lot more practice.  Your infinite patience is appreciated!”

Preston C. – CHP grad (Jan. 2021)

“Hey all, first off, a big thank you to Adam Winch. My wife and two of her good friends from church took the CCW class and the Handgun Fundamentals class from you and Russell Anthon yesterday. My wife was super happy she did so, gained a lot of good knowledge and skill, and was overall impressed. Thanks for your professionalism.”

David H. – Fighting Rifle Applications grad (Jan. 2021)

“Can’t recommend Defenders USA training enough. A small class of 4 of us spent yesterday rolling around in the Cameo mud doing rifle drills and it was absolutely awesome! Please check them and their training calendar out. It’s not playing army, or cops and robbers, or airsoft. It is safe, intense, training from the best teachers you’ll meet. If you are pining away for backordered hardware, consider spending your time and resources training with what you have.
Oh, and they have ammo. A lot.”

Tara C. – “Defenders Series” & CHP grad (Jan. 2021)

“It was an absolute pleasure to take Adam’s Defender Series class! I feel that the course was a fun mix of challenge, heart and information. It is very obvious that he and his assistants truly care about each classmate. Adam also brings a wealth of energy and skill with him each day, making him an extraordinary teacher. I would highly recommend his classes to anyone who is even slightly interested in gaining useful tools! Taking the Defender’s Course has improved my abilities and mindset towards conceal carrying and I cannot wait to continue practicing with the precise tools that were given to me.”


Christina – Fighting Rifle Applications (Oct. 2020)

“This was an awesome course I took put on by Adam over at Defenders USA. Don’t learn from your best friends monkeys uncle! Learn it right the first time!! Defenders is the top of the line in learning self defense with your handgun or AR 15. 👍👍👍👍💯

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