Karen H. – “Defenders Series” grad (Oct. 2020)

“I just wanted to thank you for the amazing weekend! Truely life-changing for me. As soon as hunting seasons are over, you’ll be seeing my husband and I for another weekend. 

You are a true hero and an incredible teacher. Sharing your experiences with us took a toll on you – and you did it anyway. It was greatly appreciated and helped me look at things in my own life in a whole new light.”

Amiee J. – CHP & Handgun Fundamentals (July 2020)

“this was by far the best concealed handgun class!!!

Adam is a fun, informative and engaging instructor. he makes certain you understand the laws you will be required to understand if your going to choose to arm yourself publicly!
his classes on shooting…I don’t care who you are…how experienced you are…you will glean important information that will make you a safer, more effective shooter.
if you have been thinking about taking this class…do it!!! you will walk away informed and effective.”


Alan S. – CHP & Handgun Fundamentals grad (July 2020)

“Hi Adam,
[My wife] and I wanted to thank you again for a truly wonderful course. Tried to say it yesterday during the ‘after action’ but don’t think I was very effective. I’ve been through many training events both as a career Marine and an aviator. The quality of courses and instruction varied greatly, but when it was ‘spot on’ it was always because of the love the instructor had for the subject matter. And that was certainly true of yesterday’s course.
Your review of the laws and regulations (and in particular the responsibilities) of gun ownership and employment was fantastic. You tied every training and teaching point to a real life event and brought the class’ imagination to that very situation. You made it personal to each of us.
Once in the range for the ‘Handgun Fundamentals’ course, your love of what you do was again incredibly evident. You put us at ease with a very detailed safety discussion of the firearms as well as a safety plan of action in the event of an accident. No other firearms course I’ve gone through has included that, and it so clearly represented how well planned and orchestrated your course is. Your progressive pace throughout the day was great and effective for the novice and experienced shooter alike. Having been around a few shooters and numerous weapons ranges one thing was immediately evident to me… your skill set is truly amazing. Anyone that has been around firearms/ shooters/operators will notice right away they are sharing the range with a ‘Jedi’.
Thanks for doing what you do and more importantly HOW you are doing it. In short: ‘Don’t Change Nothin’”

Semper Fi
Al S*****
LtCol USMC (Ret)

Steve D. – CHP grad (Aug. 2020)

“My wife and I attended last night’s course on Concealed Carry permits. Great course. Learned a lot about the law around defensive use of handguns; the huge distinction between the home, the car and the public arena. Adam Winch is a gifted communicator with a huge heart. Without firing one shot, I could tell he was very formidable with all aspects of defense and firearms. So thankful he is one of the good guys who are on our side!  Next step is the hands-on course to drill gun safety into my psyche and to practice the mechanics of holstering, unholstering, aiming and firing. Looking forward to it!”

Judah W. – 4.5 days of training in Montana (CHP, Handgun, & Rifle) – Aug. 2020

I recently got the opportunity to attend the concealed carry course held by Adam Winch in Whitehall, MT. And I was blown away.
From day 1 He set out to pack as much life saving advice into our heads as he could, and I am thoroughly convinced that no one could have done a better job.
I am going to condense everything I have learned to this.
By day 4. He left me with a enormous feeling of responsibility weighing on my shoulders, and a great deal of confidence.
I miss living in the white, oblivious to all the potential threats in everyday life.
But I wouldn’t trade the feeling of security I have for the world.
Thank you.

Stewart B. – “Defenders Series” grad (July 2020)

“There is no better avenue out there for top-notch firearms training than with Adam Winch at Defenders USA. I got a whole lot more out of this course than I originally expected and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the level of professionalism that was consistently presented throughout the weekend. If you are considering acquiring your CCW/CHP permit, please do not do so without adequate training to follow your classroom time. The Defenders series was the perfect solution to that. As an instructor of other life-saving/rescue courses, it was immediately apparent to me that Adam has a burning passion for what he teaches, and it ultimately translated to a high-quality and incredibly effective course. 10/10.”

Sam K. – Concealed Handgun Permit Course (July 2020)

“My wife and I took the CCW class on July 5th. The time flew by, great information and left with a lot to think about. If you are thinking about taking on the responsibility of concealed carry I would recommend taking this class.”

Chris Y. – “Defenders Series” grad (July 2020)

“Excellent training in handgun safety, ethics and legal concerns, and defensive tactics and maneuvers taught by a passionate and engaging instructor Adam Winch and another fellow. They are patient with beginners and give helpful constructive criticism while constantly guiding you to advancing your skills. I believe this instructor lived up to my expectations. He guides many newcomers into becoming a well controlled, accurate, and responsible gun owner. You’ll be given valuable advice on buying the right gun, which legal protection plan to buy, and deep consideration into the moral and legal aspects of owning and potentially using a gun in self defense. He also knows how to balance humor and the seriousness of what you’re dealing with. Very engaging instructor whom I hope to have an advanced tactical course with.”

Nathan S. – “Defenders Series” grad (July 2020)

“”I took the Defenders Series course this past weekend. It was more than I expected. Adam is awesome at educating you in shooting as well as teaching the laws and legal situations. He will give you pointers and mix some humor into what he’s teaching. I learned more in this class than just the basics in gun safety. He is HIGHLY educated and and will teach you how to handle handguns the correct way, the laws and much more! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you are getting a concealed carry, TAKE THIS COURSE”

Steve P. – June 2020 “Defenders Series” grad

“Adam and the crew were awesome. I took this course this day Saturday and Sunday and would highly recommend taking this course. It puts a realistic approach to handling a hand gun in real life. Thank you for the weekend training…it was awesome.”

Ryan S. – June 2020 “Defenders Series” grad (Owner of Turkey Creek Tactical, KS)

“Back on the flats after a fantastic weekend in Grand Junction CO. Adam is an absolutely astounding teacher and is putting absolutely stellar training out there. If the defense of life with a handgun is your thing at all, especially if you’re in Colorado or Utah, you need to check out his company, Defenders USA, and get some training. It was worth the 12 hour drive from Kansas, would have been worth twice that.”

Jenna P. – June 2020 “Defenders Series” grad

Adam Winch, Russel, and Rob are a wealth of knowledge and expert trainers. I still have a long way to go to be more accurate, but felt 100% more comfortable handling a gun than a month ago.
Bigger group (18 vs 8) = more stress, but even more realistic for defensive gun handling. Not once feeling unsafe during the course.

For those of you that took a concealed carry course (not with Defenders USA), you may want to rethink your training. There is so much more to this than just a piece of paper and a short course. Wouldn’t you be more confident knowing how to fight defensively with the gun you carry when it comes to the fight of your life or for the life of someone you love?

This all coming from the 41 yo girl who wouldn’t even hold a gun a month ago, too afraid to touch one.


Thanks Adam!!!”

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