Tylor – CHP graduate, May 2020

“I took this course with an open mind and it was astonishing at what I learned, I completely plan on taking this course again and extending my knowledge in what he has to share. The course was a great experience and I recommend it to anybody interested in C.C or just to get a better understanding of the lawful aspects of it. Thank you for what you do and your service!”

Concealed Handgun Permit Course (May 2020) – Barbara H.

“I just finished the CCW/CHP course with Adam, and it was great! Adam did an amazing job, and he kept the course engaging and entertaining. I’ve taken a course before, and his course is by far the best!! Thank you! I would HIGHLY recommend this course if you’re interested in conceal carrying!!”

Concealed Handgun Permit Course attendee (May 2020) – Holly B.

“Dear Adam, thank you for a great class today. I have taken this class 2 times previously. I never carried through on getting my permit. The confidence just wasn’t there. Today it is! It is not a joke or just a thing to have. It is a privilege and responsibility and your explanations and application of the law made it a reality. Thank you very much” – Holly B.

Glen H. – Precision Handgun & Church Security grad (Jan. 2020)

“I attended Precision Handgun for Church Security on 2/1/20. I have 26 years of State and Federal law enforcement. The class Adam and the team put on was energized and extremely informative. I came into the class thinking I know how to shoot but could learn some things. Well I learned a TON of things! I drank the kool-aid and it was refreshing. A simple thing about moving fingers slightly strengthens your grip, mind blowing. The class had young and old, male and female. We all learned things and we all became much better. Prior to the class Adam came to our church to explain what he can bring to the table to assist our church, it was informative and presented so all could understand. Adam has done his homework and knowledge base is exceptional. Defenders USA has a solid product with talented instructors. Thank you Thank you Defenders USA. I’ll be back for more classes. Glen”

Gary H. – “Defenders Series” grad (Jan. 2020)

After attending the “Defenders Series”, I would highly recommend the course to any CHP holder or anyone possessing a handgun for home defense. The course was highly informative and consisted of classroom and hands-on instruction. I found the instructors to be very informative and knowledgeable and led by the extremely capable Adam Winch.” 


Kitt W. – CHP grad (Nov. 2019)

“Adams class is fun, engaging, exciting and full of information. Had a great time and can’t wait for future classes!”

Cris L. – “Defenders Series grad (Nov. 2019)

“Adam is a fantastic instructor. Very knowledgeable about firearms, safety, and proper handling. He’s also caring and wants to make sure that you understand the why’s, when’s and what’s. Once a student, always a student. Adam is available for help even after the class is over. Don’t just think about taking a class, do it!”

Joseph B. – CHP grad (Dec. 2019)

“Very informative class. Adam is very knowledgeable and explains thing in a way everyone can understand. He’s not afraid of questions, willing to help in anyway he can. great sense of humor so he keep it interesting Couldn’t ask for a better instructor. I highly recommend this course.”

Nick B. – CHP & Defensive Fighting Handgun 1 & 2 (Dec. 2019)

“GREAT CLASSES! There is a lot of information you will learn and a lot of experience you will gain. The instructing was amazing! Instructors were filled with enthusiasm and made the classes fun. A 10 hour day felt like 3 hours. These classes are definitely worth the time and money. Especially if you want to keep your loved ones safe!!”

Dan K. – Defensive Fighting Handgun 1 & 2 (Dec. 2019)

“Amazing class covering defensive fighting handgun! Its rare to find a truly inspiring teacher who does their job with 100% passion and knowledge. In this case, gained from a lifetime of real world experience.
Its well worth the cost, and I’ll be back for more fur shur!!”

Kim S. – “Defenders Series” grad (Dec. 2019)

“Classes from this company are life changing. Adam Winch is an amazing instructor with a down to earth, applicable, caring and understandable training style that even beginners can grasp. As a women with no real experience shooting a hand gun, after one basic conceal shooting class, I feel more comfortable with my hand gun. I was unsure and a bit hesitant going into a class with men, but that was short lived, this class is for everyone and as a women in the class was treated equally from the other students, and even encouraged by those with a more vast experience (even those who compete). I can not express my gratitude to the instructors for their patience and help during the class.

If you are looking for a great gift to give someone, I highly recommend giving someone you care about classes from Defenders USA. It will be the best, long lasting gift you will ever give.”

David H. – Fighting Rifle Applications grad (Dec. 2019)

“I’ve been shooting rifles for over forty years, spent half my adult life in the Army, and learned more in one day from Adam than I ever thought I could at this age. Defenders USA’s fighting rifle course is absolutely worth every penny and every minute, in fact it’s a steal. You know two or three great teachers you’ve had in your life who make an impact and you always remember? Put Adam in that same group. His technical, practical, and mechanical knowledge is impressive…but he quickly learns his audience, makes the lessons entertaining, genuinely cares for every student, safety is paramount at every step, and he puts everything he has into each class. I experienced the same in his handgun training. Classrooms are one thing but when you encounter that in a live fire, hands-on, field training environment, it’s truly priceless.

This class will take you from the basics, then quickly to advanced drills that you can do on your own at any time. Concepts, movements, and explanations were logical and repeatable. This class will arm you with the knowledge to further train yourself and also sniff out BS in equipment and other training. Plus, it’s fun! I came home tired and muddy but had an absolute blast at every step of the way!

I highly recommend it to anyone from those with a passing interest in how a black rifle works to those who consider themselves experts. Yes, even you veteran or LEO, odds are you probably haven’t trained like this. We are lucky to have this resource close to home. I’ll be sending my friends and family Adam’s way. Hardware comes and goes but knowledge is forever.”

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