Lisa R. – June 2020 “Defenders Series” grad

“Took the Defenders Series course offered by Defenders-USA last weekend here in GJ. Taking this class gave us what we need to get a concealed carry permit …. But it does SO much more! It touches on what you can do under the law, what you should do, and then what to expect in the aftermath (God willing it never happens!). Three class sessions, and two long afternoons of defensive handgun training and advanced tactical training. I’ve always been a bit nervous with my gun, not now! I’ve never had a better overall idea of what it REALLY takes to defend yourself and/or a loved one, should the need arise. I cannot stress the professionalism of Adam Winch and his assistants Russell and Rob (and Ryan). The knowledge, background, information and training Adam and his crew have is unparalleled. This series is comprehensive, thought-provoking, mentally and physically taxing and AWESOME!!! If you’re even considering getting your CCP, you have to take this class! We took the CCP class about 12 years ago, it was vastly inferior to this class – if you had a previous class not taught by Adam, you need to take this class. Thank you Adam! if you want to sign up!”

Kimberly L. – Concealed Handgun Permit Course (June 2020)

“Adam’s class was hands down the most informative I have ever attended! After attending his class you can return as many times as you need and i will certainly be back!
Even if you have taken other CHP courses, take his! I promise you will learn something new!”

Michaela K. – June 2020 “Defenders Series” grad

Spending Father’s Day weekend with my husband was the best gift for our future and most importantly our family. Taking this course has broaden our awareness of the world outside our home. Not only did we get to learn about the concealment but what to expect from the law and legal aspects. We took the additional 2 day defense course following of hands-on training and we feel absolutely confident to defend ourselves, loved ones and handle an unexpected scenario safely and effectively. Thank you guys so much! We absolutely recommend anyone who is new or experienced should take the 3 day course with Adam and his crew sooner than later (and I mean before it’s too late) to protect yourself and those who matter to you!

Ashley D. – June 2020 “Defenders Series” grad

“Adam, Russel, Rob, and all the others who helped this weekend, I can’t thank you enough! I can honestly say I feel confident in my ability to handle a handgun in a defense-of-life situation, because of the Defender’s Series. Before the class, all I knew was point, aim, shoot. When seconds matter and lives are on the line, you don’t have time for that. My past has taught me that there is certainly evil in this world, and there are people who want to and will hurt you. I am more confident than ever in my ability to defend myself and others. I will continue to take classes from Defenders USA for as long as I can, and I will encourage everyone else to do the same.”

Jenna P., “Defenders Series” grad (May 2020)

“Checked one of my biggest fears off today…still not comfortable, but at least over the fear of holding and firing a handgun.

Defenders USA with Adam Winch

Defenders USA – Defend Yourself & Those You Love

I have been avoiding this course for about 5 years, ever since I met Adam. He has assured me time and time again that this course is designed for someone like me, beyond fearful of a handgun. His instruction and ability to make you feel comfortable are beyond superior. You seriously need to take this course if you haven’t! Thank you Adam!

Can’t wait for tomorrow, day 2!
…never would have thought I would say such words when in regard to a handgun…”


(Medical professional) 

J. Brewer II, Concealed Handgun Permit Course grad (May 2020)

”I just finished the CCW/CHP class, and although I’ve taken it several times before through other trainers, I was shocked. I figured a quick refresher, get my wife through the course so we can both have CCWs. Wow was I wrong, Adam is entertaining, fun, and I learned a lot actually. Things the other courses never covered. We will definitely be taking the defenders handgun course soon. I recommend EVERYONE take this course, even if you already have your CCW. The knowledge gained is priceless!” 


(also prior military, U.S. Army)

Paul H. – CHP & Defensive Fighting Handgun Course (April 2020)

“Hands down best education on legal, carrying, and shooting we have received. My only regret is not starting classes with Adam sooner. What a great feeling to walk away from a class feeling more in control and aware of what a responsibility it is to carry. Its our obligation to get educated and receive proper training. Whether you are a beginner or veteran, everyone can learn something from Adam Winch and Defenders USA Absolutely will be back for continued and advanced training yearly.”

Tylor – CHP graduate, May 2020

“I took this course with an open mind and it was astonishing at what I learned, I completely plan on taking this course again and extending my knowledge in what he has to share. The course was a great experience and I recommend it to anybody interested in C.C or just to get a better understanding of the lawful aspects of it. Thank you for what you do and your service!”

Concealed Handgun Permit Course (May 2020) – Barbara H.

“I just finished the CCW/CHP course with Adam, and it was great! Adam did an amazing job, and he kept the course engaging and entertaining. I’ve taken a course before, and his course is by far the best!! Thank you! I would HIGHLY recommend this course if you’re interested in conceal carrying!!”

Concealed Handgun Permit Course attendee (May 2020) – Holly B.

“Dear Adam, thank you for a great class today. I have taken this class 2 times previously. I never carried through on getting my permit. The confidence just wasn’t there. Today it is! It is not a joke or just a thing to have. It is a privilege and responsibility and your explanations and application of the law made it a reality. Thank you very much” – Holly B.

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