Josh S. – “Defenders Series” grad (Jan. 2020)

“Recently I took the “Defenders Series” course with Adam. I highly recommend this course to anyone who owns a pistol, especially anyone considering getting their CCW permit. Adam is a true expert and a gifted instructor. This course should be a requirement for any CCW.

Thanks Adam!”

Debbie B. – CHP, DFH1 & 2 attendee (June 2019)

I took this course a couple of months ago and then followed up yesterday with the Defensive fighting handgun 1 course. Both were very needed. Everyone needs these. Here is a what I came away with yesterday. I hope others will take these so that they understand what is most important in how to protect self and others. Today I took the Defensive Fighting Handgun 1 course. Now let me be honest! At first I was a bit nervous about going. I was afraid of making a fool of myself! I think that is called “Pride”!!!! Well, let me share with you that that did NOT happen! The class was such a fun class! But more importantly it was a Professional class and I learned Safe shooting so that I wouldn’t hurt another student or myself. And I learned how to defend myself and others I love and care about. Every student was given professional instruction in a way that they each could understand, and so that no one felt overwhelmed. In any area necessary, we each received enough one on one instruction so that we gained confidence and saw our problems corrected. Not once did anyone make me feel foolish, but the opposite happened, I was treated as someone who mattered. I saw only a Great Professional class, giving Education for anyone who is willing to listen, and practice by the rules! Though it was a group class, the instructors spent plenty of time helping each student correct problems, and gave us praise when we did a good job! I appreciated the instructor being sure that no one left the class without the opportunity to learn Defensive Fighting! Therefore lots and lots of practice! I was so pleased at how much I learned. I see that shooting at a target in the desert or at a gun club is NOTHING to compare with Professional and personal handgun training. UNLESS you have really learned how to shoot accurately by a professional,you really don’t know enough about how to protect yourself or others! !!!! These are professional instructors,and when we left that class, we knew for sure we had learned to shoot in a correct way, that will forever stick with us. These targets were really great, giving a person many options to learn different shooting styles. I still have a lot to learn in the terminology ( I am sure I may have not explained the target well!) and I admit there is still a need for more practice and instruction, and they offer that in their many other classes. I just wanted to share that this class is well worth it, and these instructors are the best because they have the Knowledge, and have the experience and training, and care about you! Thank you, Defenders USA for changing my life! Never again will I be afraid to go and listen and learn! It is one of the wisest and safest decisions I have ever made.

Ian K. – Fighting Rifle Applications, Dec. 2019

“Holy crap, I had an incredible day on Saturday taking my first firearms class of any kind. It was a fighting rifle applications class hosted by @defendersusa. There was so much great information packed into a single day and I left with way more knowledge than I could have imagined, as well as more things I know I need to work on than I could have imagined. Adam is truly a top notch instructor and it’s obvious that he truly cares about his students and their safety far beyond what I honestly expected. This was a whole new experience for me and it totally kicked my butt, but I honestly can’t even put it into words how much fun I had and how much of an advantage I feel I have moving forward into more training and drills.”

Alex T. – CHP, DFH1 & DFH2 grad, Sept. 2019

“Awesome CHP course, the instructor was such a good teacher I immediately signed up for a defensive handgun class which was also incredibly informative and thorough. I highly recommend these two courses and I hope to participate in more Defenders USA courses in the future.”

Todd D. – Concealed Handgun Permit grad, Sept. 2019

“I just finished taking the “Concealed Handgun Permit Course”. Adam is an outstanding and motivating handgun instructor with vast knowledge and experience. Highly recommended. I plan to further my training with Defenders USA whenever I’m in the valley.”

Bobby C. – Concealed Handgun Permit grad, Sept. 2019

“I have been to a couple of CCW courses and Defenders USA is by far the best. He goes into detail and his previous experiences he has had with bad guys. Makes it interesting and is worth the money paid for it, I also would recommend his follow up courses to really open your eyes to realistic situations to prepare for. Like they say if you don’t prepare you might be a statistic instead of walking away. Just saying”

Angie B. – Personal Self Defense class, Oct. 2019

“Just got done with a self defence class, looking forward to walking with my head held high and no longer afraid. thank u you, I enjoyed it very much, and learned a lot.”

Cris L. – “Defenders Series” grad, 2016

“Adam is a fantastic instructor. Very knowledgeable about firearms, safety, and proper handling. He’s also caring and wants to make sure that you understand the why’s, when’s and what’s. Once a student, always a student. Adam is available for help even after the class is over. Don’t just think about taking a class, do it!”

Joseph B. – Concealed Handgun Permit Course grad, June 2019

“Very informative class. Adam is very knowledgeable and explains thing in a way everyone can understand. He’s not afraid of questions, willing to help in anyway he can. great sense of humor so he keep it interesting Couldn’t ask for a better instructor. I highly recommend this course.”

Nick B. – CHP, DFH1 & DFH2 grad, Dec. 2019

“GREAT CLASSES! There is a lot of information you will learn and a lot of experience you will gain. The instructing was amazing! Instructors were filled with enthusiasm and made the classes fun. A 10 hour day felt like 3 hours. These classes are definitely worth the time and money. Especially if you want to keep your loved ones safe!!”

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