Jeff T. – “Defenders Series” grad, Dec. 2019

“What an amazing class! Just finished the 3 day – 20 hour course with Adam and I learned more about handgun defense than I have in my previous 50 years(!) of handgun shooting. Completely changed my previous thoughts on CCW carry. Adam is a fantastic instructor and I can’t recommend this class enough for those that have been “thinking about taking a CCW course”. The cost of the course is trivial compared to what you will learn! Just DO IT!”

Brian – Defender’s Series (Nov 2019)

At a friend’s encouragement, I signed-up for a Defender’s Series class. It looked perfect: only 2.5 days, and on the weekend. I didn’t hold my breath, though. I’ve never paid so little for a continuing-ed class (personal defense) before. I was hopeful, but not expectant.

I enjoyed Adam’s teaching style; meeting everyone where they were; talking real-world; using his training and experience to provide fun, poignant lessons. “You need to know this–and here’s why.” He was flexible, dynamic, accommodating. I learned some new things, AND he helped me polish some established skills. He challenged me, and I’m more capable because of it.

If you’ve never shot a pistol before or if you have been shooting for a while, you’ll be glad you took this course. I lost count of the times I heard the INTOT comment (I never thought of that)!

Adam delivers.

Two thumbs up!

Kyle S – Defender Series Course (Nov 2019)

I recently attended the Defender Series Course, wow! Having recently completed a 10yr renewal CCW Permit Course I thought the Permit portion was just going to be a review. Not at all, this is taught by someone who has been there, done that. It was not a read the statute class, but a practical real-life application level of the statutes and more. Adam’s enthusiasm and ability to engage the students takes this course to a higher level.
I have never been in a Defensive Handgun Course, even though shooting & hunting most of my life, a 20 Army career and a 13-year Permit holder. If you are carrying a concealed hand gun or have one as part of a home defense plan but have not taken a course like this because you do not think you need to, you are grossly deceiving yourself.
Adam gives you 110%+. This is a very high-quality course, something you would pay a lot more for in other places. It is very informative, challenging, and fun. I plan to further refine my fundamentals and take this course again. Excellent course, very highly recommend it. Thanks Adam!

Lori W – CCW & Defensive Handgun 1 (Nov 2019)

On 11/4/19, I took the CCW permit course with Defensive Handgun 1, given by Adam Winch of Defenders USA. The 4.5 hour CCW permit course was excellent! I learned so much about the different circumstances to use my gun and the current Colorado laws regarding concealed carry handguns. There was a plethora of information that I didn’t know about, which really opened my eyes about the legalities on using your handgun in your home or vehicle. The last thing I want to do is to use my handgun in some circumstance and then be arrested because I didn’t know the Colorado laws!

Then after a short break, I started the course Defensive Handgun 1, which lasted 5 hours! We were taught how to load the handgun safely, even while moving (so you are not a standing target). We also practiced 1-handed and 2-handed shooting. This class was intensive, but so very much needed if you intend to use your handgun for home/vehicle defense.

Defensive Handgun TrainingTaking just the classroom CCW permit course was not enough. You really need the practical hands-on training in order to feel confident with using your handgun.

Adam is a wonderful instructor! He is patient, yet firm and will not hesitate to tell you what you are doing incorrectly. His expertise is second to none!


Ashlyn B. – “Defenders Series” grad (May 2019)

“I completed this training with my sisters and mom and gained so much knowledge on how to handle a handgun properly and safely and how to protect ourselves given different circumstances. I would highly recommend taking this course for the safety of you and others. Adam Winch is a very established and highly qualified instructor. I am now very confident to defend myself with a gun if necessary.”

Jenna B. – “Defenders Series” grad (May 2019)

“I am so thankful for this course, this company, and the instructor and his team. I feel much more equipped physically, mentally, and spiritually to handle my handgun in any situation that may arise. I’m excited to share my experience with my family and friends, and encourage them to take the courses. I look forward to taking more courses taught by Adam and his team! Thank you so so much! I appreciate everything you do!”

Chris C. – USMC

Adam Winch is the real deal. He is professional, realistic and effective. His training is exceptional. I highly recommend Defenders USA. I look forward to taking all the courses he offers that will make me a more effective, efficient and highly trained professional. It doesn’t happen with one class. It happens over a long period of time with many classes, taken many times. You gotta put in the time, effort and resources to become great. Adam is great.

Ryan C. – “Defenders Series” (Feb. 2019)

“What you don’t know, you don’t know, please do your loved ones a favor and take the “Defenders Series” training courses.

A weapon is just a tool, and if you think a tool will save your life, you are WRONG. It is the way you know how to use it correctly, and chances are, you are using it incorrectly. Although you may have Military, Law Enforcement or any other weapons training this training will benefit you far beyond your expectations.

You will not find a more honest and passionate instructor who will push you past your best. I am confident no other teacher like Adam can make you more emotionally, mentally and physically ready for the fight of your life.

The amount of time this course takes is minimal compared to the time we spend doing useless things in our life that doesn’t better us. Please DO NOT put this training off. These few days of training will give you a different look on life and prepare you to be courageous if the time comes.

This course is for the beginner to the advanced. So gather up the Spouse, Family, Friends or Co-Workers and come build confidence, make friends and better understand what it means to defend life and protect the ones you love.”

Madeline R. – Defensive Fighting Handgun I (March 2019)

“My whole family and I took the Defensive Pistol Class at Defenders USA with Adam and Grizz. We all very much enjoyed the class and feel like we are better prepared to use a firearm in defense if needed. The class was extremely informative and gave us great instruction on how to properly hold a firearm, load the gun under stress, and use it effectively while under an intense situation. The instructors use vivid descriptions, are good humored and are ready to answer any questions you may have. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and definitely would recommend this class to anyone who wanted to learn more about pistols and defense. I plan on taking more of their courses.”

Patrick D. – Defensive Fighting Handgun I grad (April 2019)

“I have been around and used firearms all of my life, age 52 now. I have had a CCW since age 21 and attended the required classes in multiple states.

I knew I needed more training on the actual use of a handgun as the defensive tool it was being carried for. But, was never able to find a workable course. Stumbling upon Adam’s course changed that.

In the Defensive Combat Handgun 1 course, Adam was able to teach how to accurately fire under stress, the kind of stress that make the sights disappear, and make it a repeatable skill that can be practiced and improved. I am very glad to have found Adam’s organization and hope to gain further training under his tutelage.

The class was worth every penny and much more”.

Patrick D.
Vernal, UT

C. Caldwell – Fighting Rifle Applications Course (April 2019)

“Adam Winch is a dedicated, educated, professional instructor. I took his “Fighting Rifle Applications” course and I absolutely appreciated his immediate action to and response to us to focus on key points he was expressing throughout his course. He was safe, competent and highly focused. It was a tremendous course with digestible information relating to his his key points. I highly recommend to all professionals, Veterans, law enforcement, first responders, realtors, conceal carriers, hunters, sportsmen and sportswomen, to take Adam Winch’s courses. I look forward to many more course experiences with Adam Winch. I am recommending Adam to all of my immediate friends and we are ready for the training he provides. Thank you for your time and your professionalism.”

Semper Fidelis,
C. Caldwell

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