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The Defenders Series course has been an amazing experience and I look forward to attending other courses that are offered by Defenders USA, as well as attending the defenders series again. The type of training that is offered is second to none. I would, and will recommend the course to everyone. I appreciated the way the entire course was run. Attention was afforded to everyone. Not one person was left out or overlooked. The series is expertly ran. Any person looking to be a responsible defender of life should absolutely take this course. It is an eye opening experience as well as great time. As someone who has been around guns my entire life I can honestly say that the techniques that are taught in this course are a fresh and welcome change from the routamentry and outdated techniques that I have been taught in the past. It also will start to prepare you mentally to make the decision to defend life as well as the laws as they pertain to you as a CCW holder through the well balanced combination of classroom and range experience.  There is no other training like this in the valley. I hope people will truly take advantage of these courses and utilize the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills provided by Defenders USA.”