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“I just wanted to share an experience with everyone that I had. This weekend, I took Defenders USA’s Defender Series with Adam Winch. I have been through law enforcement department firearms training, police academy training, and even another CCW class – and none of them, for the most part, taught the real life skills you need to stay alive during a gun fight.

Most places teach breathing control, sight alignment, bullseye type shooting. And while there is a time and place for that, generally meeting that thug that is breaking into your house, or attacking you in a parking lot, none of those skills are relevant. One needs to know how to shoot instinctually, moving around, taking cover, and most importantly, knowing the law of when you can, and can’t shoot.

Adam does a great job teaching these real life, combat/self defense skills, and exposing students to a variety of scenarios, and gets you thinking about what to do if this happens, or that happens.

I highly encourage everyone to take his class, even if you have gone through previous training. First, you can always learn more and be more prepared with constant training, but often, training techniques change and improve over the years. What do you have to lose except a weekend of your time a couple hundred bucks? For me, already being a reasonable shooter, I left the class with much more confidence in my abilities, much more confidence in my knowledge of the laws, and just better prepared to carry my gun when and where I want.

So many people think that once they have their CCW, they are done and well prepared. I challenge that isn’t true for most people.

I encourage you to call Adam and talk to him. It will be well worth your time!”