Sep 02 2023


9:00 am - 5:00 pm




Boulder, MT

1-Day Rifle/Carbine Fundamentals – Boulder, MT

1-Day Rifle/Carbine Fundamentals will be all about the basics of rifle handling and shooting, starting with quickly zero’ing for those who haven’t already set their zero. This day will be about accurate, efficient handling, use, and shooting from close distances as well as longer distances, building speed with accuracy.

This training will be perfect for the complete beginner who may have never handled a rifle before but it will also be excellent for those who’ve been shooting for a long time, as we will really cement in solid, excellent fundamentals to create better shooters out of even highly-experienced shooters.

Needed items:
– Rifle / Carbine with open sights and/or optics
– Three or more magazines
– 400 rounds or more of ammo (We may have 5.56 / .223 ammo available for purchase if needed. Please contact us if you need it for this course).
– $10 range fee per day in cash
– Eye & Ear protection
– Non-alcoholic beverages & any food / snacks you may want (it’s easiest to bring all food for the day, as there isn’t any food available nearby and we will not have time to leave the range to get to go get food.)
– Appropriate clothing and gear for outdoor environments (rain / cold weather gear, sunscreen, bug spray, head cover, etc.)
***Note: a sling on your weapon is a must, and we generally suggest a quality two-point sling.
***Note: If you have any questions acquiring or about your own weapons, related gear, or ammo, feel free to contact us.

Optional Items:
– magazine carriers and any other desired gear related to rifle carrying, use, and shooting
– a camp chair
– sunscreen and / or bug spray
– appropriate clothing for the projected weather during the course

Most will bring an AR-15 / M4-based weapons platform but we often see other platforms during this course, such as the AK variants, the Tavor, Styer, and other bull-pups, the Mini-14, M-14, AR-10, and others. We’ve had 9mm, .45, .223, 5.56, 7.62, .308, and other calibers in this course. We’ve even had a lever-action rifle in this course (a fantastic defensive rifle in the hands of a trained user).

No rifle? We might be able to arrange a rental rifle and magazines for you to use (970-986-0774).

***NOTE: It is helpful if your rifle is zero’ed before attending this course. If you do not know how to zero a rifle prior to attending, we can do it there but the more rifles that are already zero’ed, the sooner we get to the meat of this training.

This class will be taught by Justin Thorson, Defenders USA Certified Rifle Instructor.

Questions? Email or