Mar 16 2024


9:00 am - 5:00 pm




Cardwell, MT

Montana Concealed Carry – Cardwell, MT – March 16, 2024

Our Concealed Carry Permit Course meets all requirements for a Montana Concealed Handgun Permit (including an Enhanced Permit).

Our Course addresses:

  • Use of deadly force in defense of your life or others
  • Montana defensive handgun and concealed carry laws
  • Use and concealed carry on your properties, businesses, vehicles, and at your home
  • Firearm safety, safe holsters, how to carry safely, etc.
  • Proper dry fire practice and applying that practice in live fire


This is NOT an all day shooting class, but the foundational & legal knowledge you will learn in this class is imperative if you are choosing to carry. (If you want an all day shooting class, sign up for our Handgun Fundamentals class.)

Morning will primarily be classroom work. After lunch, we will work safe handling and dry fire work. Then will apply what you have learned to live fire practice, so bring all of your gear, handgun(s) and 100 rounds of ammo.

Even if you already have a CCW permit and have gone through a different training course for that permit, we encourage you to consider attending this one as well. It is common for those who’ve been through other courses elsewhere, but then attend ours, to tell us they learned more in our CCW and other firearms courses than anywhere else. 

We are committed to getting solid information and training out to you. We have seen too many victims of violent crime and we want to help people best survive in an unfortunate situation in order to bring as much high quality education and training to as many people as we can.

This will be a welcoming, non stressful learning environment. The goal is not only to build a strong foundation of education, but to also help you take the first steps towards being more comfortable handling and carrying your firearm safely. 

Items & information needed:
2 magazines (if a semi-auto or striker fire handgun)
100 rounds of ammunition
Closed-toes shoes
No shirts with plunging neck lines
Hat with a brim
Eye & ear protection
Sun screen & bug repellent
Folding or camp chair
Lunch, water and snacks
Note taking materials if you like to take notes