The Defenders Series

The “Defenders Series” is the flagship of the Defenders USA courses, incorporating the Basic CCW, Defensive Handgun and Advanced Tactical Handgun courses into one intense, fun-filled weekend. This Series helps prepare responsible gun owners for efficient use of their handguns in the context of saving life from today’s evil. Through the Defenders Series, participants deeply learn:


Learn the current laws and how firearms laws apply to where, when, and how you use your firearms

Deadly Force

Use of deadly force in accordance to “The Letter of the Law” and “The Spirit of the Law”

Avoiding the Fight

Avoiding the fight or a dangerous situation in the first place

How to Use Your Handgun

How to use your handgun defensively and intuitively in true, smart, gun-fighter mode in order to win in a critical, dynamic, fast-paced, very dangerous situation


Mental, legal, emotional, and social preparedness of using deadly force to save your life or those you love

Defensive Gun Fighting

Defensive gun fighting that works well with what the body does naturally under high stress

The Defenders Series far exceeds the training requirements for a Colorado Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit.  Additionally, many students are already Concealed Carry Weapon permit holders who wish to advance their learning for personal defense; those who realize they desperately need real handgun training in order to be efficient in a gunfight and in order to live. The Defenders Series is designed for those who seek excellent training above and beyond the standard sub-par, ho-hum Concealed Carry Weapon permit classes that permeate the vast majority of gun training out there. The Defenders Series is taught by current and former law enforcement, military and SWAT operator(s), teaching essential knowledge and tactics not found in most courses available to civilians. And it’s deadly serious fun.

Who is the Defenders Series for?


Any responsible adult (or parent accompanied / permission-ed minor) who is legally able to own and use a firearm, and desires real world knowledge and training in defensive efficient firearms use will benefit from this Series. The Defenders Series is specifically designed for civilians – everyday citizens – male or female, who want to be prepared for the defense of themselves, their families, and those around them  (Interestingly, we get a huge majority of students from the medical field). Our students and graduates come from all walks of life, such as:


    • Military / LEO personnel (these guys and gals are heroes; we love having you there!)
    • Students
    • Business professionals
    • Moms and dads / single parents / families
    • Those in the ministry
    • Grandmas and Grandpas
    • Shooters, those who are already shooters in their own right
    • The responsible person willing to be trained
    • Those open to learning highly efficient handgun fighting for the defense of life

Please read our Course Terms and Conditions


June 2024
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