Handgun Fundamentals

Handgun Fundamentals is great for the brand new or novice handgun user who wants develop confidence and skill in their handling, use, and shooting a handgun accurately and safely. Interestingly enough, those who have shot for a long time and are already good shooters will learn a ton and absolutely will benefit for attending this training.

We will focus on safe handlingproper grip, and accuracy with a handgun at different distances. For those skilled at those, we will move into speed with a handgun and a lot more. If you have a safe or quality holster for your handgun, you will also be learning how to draw and re-holster correctly and safely.

If you do not have holster for your handgun, that is not a problem.

If you want to get a holster for before this class, feel free to contact us (Adam @ 970-986-0774) and we’ll help you select a proper, safe and quality holster versus the many less-than-good holsters in the local gun stores.

This is not a fast paced-class; this will be a thoughtful, careful training session in order to build skill and confidence. We will be focused completely on getting the basic fundamentals exactly correct and repeatable for each shooter, with safe, correct handling and accuracy as a result of good fundamentals. Interestingly enough, even high end shooters learn a lot in this or hone and refresh needed skills.

Items & information needed:
3 magazines (if a semi-auto or striker fire handgun)
250 to 350 rounds of ammunition (more is always better).
Closed-toes shoes
No shirts with plunging neck lines
Hat with a brim
Eye & ear protection

Optional items & information:
Holster & sturdy belt (preferably a quality holster – feel free to call with questions)
***A Note on Holsters: NO SERPA holsters or of similar design, NO collapsible holsters, NO “sticky” or “pocket” holsters, NO bra holsters, NO shoulder holsters, No cross draw holsters, NO purse holsters!!
Sun screen & bug repellent
Folding or camp chair

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