Adam Winch

Adam Winch is the owner and creator of Defenders USA. With a background of serving as a Military Police officer (U.S. Army Reserves and Colorado National Guard from 2000 to 2008) after graduating Basic & AIT as an honor grad, with duties including Law & Order, Quick Reaction Team (QRT), Special Reaction Team (SRT), Emergency Reaction Team (ERT), Personal Security Detail (PSD), Fire Team Leader, and trainer for the Colorado National Guard.​

As a Police Officer for ten plus years with the Grand Junction Police Department (Colorado) after graduating the Police Academy as the honor grad, Adam’s duties included Patrol Officer, Street Crimes Unit, SWAT, and as a certified Police Patrol Mountain Bike Instructor.​

Adam has been an invited instructor at the “A Girl & A Gun” National Conference (five years in a row), where he was also the keynote speaker in two different years. He was an invited instructor at the “Active Self Protection” National Conference (five years in a row).

Adam's Instructor Certifications and Credentials

  • Certified NRA Handgun Instructor (x2)
  • Certified NRA CCW Instructor
  • Certified CFS Handgun Instructor through Combat Focus Shooting
  • Certified ASP Firearms Instructor through Active Self Protection (x2)
  • Certified Firearms Instructor
  • Certified Basic Instructor, Advanced Instructor, and Master Instructor, with Rangemaster’s legendary Tom Givens
  • Certified Handgun Instructor through The Complete Combatant's “Deliberate Coaching” with Brian Hill
  • Extreme Close Quarters Gunfighting Instructor Development through Active Response Training
  • Successfully completed (or “Achieved”) the Instructor Enrichment Program (IEP), through Apache Solutions  
  • Certified Long Range / Sniper Instructor through Crosswinds Precision Academy
  • Certified Range Safety Officer through Defenders USA
  • Certified Range Safety Officer through the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force

He has attended four (4) separate week-long SWAT schools while with the GJPD SWAT Team, a week-long Street Crimes School, a week-long CIT school, along with countless other hours of training with many law enforcement training schools and in LE training settings, many of which are not named here. He has worked countless high -risk situations, to include an Officer Involved Shooting and countless deadly force situations, SWAT call-outs, and made more arrests than can be remembered, sending many deserving people to jail and prison, and spending a over a decade dealing with the criminal and civil court systems.​

He has also attended multiple private firearms, legal, and instructor trainings and schools with other well-known civilian, military, and law enforcement training entities and trainers in the US and abroad, to include:​

  • Rob Leatham & Bryan Morgan’s 3-Day Advanced Pistol Course. Rob Leatham is the undisputed greatest shooter in the world and Bryan Morgan is a world-class firearms instructor who retired from a life-long, warrior’s career with America’s premier fighting force.
  • Tom Givens of Rangemaster, certified as a Graduate of the Instructor Program, of the Advanced Instructor Program, and the Master Instructor Program (Of note: Adam earned the “Top  Gun”  award for the Advanced Firearms Instructor Certification Course for highest academic and shooting performance during that course, along with winning a top gun challenge coin during a full class shoot-off competition in the Firearms Instructor Course).
  • Brian Hill of The Complete Combatant’s 3-Day Diagnostic Coaching Certified Handgun Instructor Course, where Adam won the Top Shot award for the class.
  • Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training, where Adam successfully completed a 2-day Extreme Close Quarters Gunfighting Instructor Development training course. 
  • Tim Kelly, Dan Brady, and Frank Horvath of Apache Solutions Firearms Training, where Adam received a Certificate of Achievement for successfully passing their IEP (Instructor Enrichment Program).
  • Earnest Langdon of Langdon Tactical, World renown trainer, Distinguished & Grand Master competitive shooter in IDPA & USPSA, etc. Adam won one of several class shoot-offs and won a “Hat Pin” award for the FAST Drill, barely missing a “Coin” run by less than one second (That will be changed!)
  • Tim Herron of Tim Herron Shooting. Tim is a USPSA Grand Master shooter and one of the top competitors in the world.
  • A.J. Zito of Practical Performance. AJ is a Master level USPSA & IDPA shooter and a highly sought after firearms instructor.
  • Gabe White of Gabe White Training (where Adam earned the coveted “Turbo” pin, one of only 24 people in the world to win this highest award from GWT for handgun performance!)
  • Rob Leatham of (41 time World & National Champion shooter)
  • Mike Seeklander of American Warrior Society & Shooting Performance (current World Champion $ holder of numerous other regional, national, and continental championships)
  • Scott Jedlinski of Modern Samurai Project, LLC in several Red Dot Pistol: Fundamentals & Performance classes (where Adam won a challenge coin and another prize for winning a full class shooting competition).
  • John Corriea, Neil & Stephanie Weidner of Active Self Protection in multiple courses.
  • Riley Bowman of, the Concealed Carry Podcast, and USPSA Master Shooter
  • Brian Morgan & Shannon O’Keefe’s Handgun & Fighting Rifle
  • Dave Laird of Dynamic Combative Solutions
  • Brian Morgan & Shannon O’Keefe’s 2-Day Combined Rifle & Handgun Course (both have lengthy careers in defense of our nation)
  • Chuck Haggard of Agile Training & Consulting
  • Terry Johnson of Firearms Legal Protection
  • Neil Ash of Precision Rifle Workshop
  • Russell Anthon of Defenders USA
  • Rob Pincus of CFS/ICE/PDN (both handgun & rifle)
  • Grant Cunningham of the Personal Defense Network
  • “Grizz” (redacted name & background) Urgent Trauma & Tactical Medical Care, numerous other tactical and firearms courses
  • and more.

Adam earned his Master rating as a shooter in Steel Challenge competition, and is rated as an A Class shooter in both USPSA and IDPA competitions and has also been certified in several areas as a fitness instructor with CrossFit, Inc. He has taught over 20,000 civilians, military and law enforcement personnel over the course of his training careers.

Adam brings his unique combination of military and police expertise into the classroom and on the range for an engaging, thought-provoking learning experience to build both solid mental and physical skills into the students.

The Defenders USA courses are crafted to carefully communicate the seriousness of a defense-of-life mindset and both armed and unarmed defensiveness to a civilian audience – that is, the average person. Far from the dry, boring way most traditional training tends to be, these courses draw the student into the learning process with true to life stories, interactive discussion, and hands-on exercises – all seasoned with a lot of humor. On the range, the instruction and coaching bring to life strong foundational skills in safe, controlled environments to help prepare the student for the dangerous uncontrolled environment we all live in where Evil visits when least expected.