Seek or Be a Rabbi

Everyone needs a Rabbi, and every Rabbi needs to mentor. It’s one of the perpetual self-licking ice cream cones of life – one needs the other, ying and yang, and so on. My Rabbi as a cop eventually became Sgt. Imbriaco. He was the epitome of a Police Sergeant when he was my boss, and he […]

“This ain’t free, ya know.”

Fighting Handgun Concepts

I was teaching handgun stuff and filming content for our YouTube channel ((3) Defenders USA – YouTube) with friends and students on a range in Arizona this last weekend, running the first of two days. The bay next to us had another training group teaching their own students. I casually know the main guy. I’d […]

Dry Fire With A Live Gun: A Needed Skill

Adam teaching two SWAT teams

Bill, Dave, Clint and I were in unform and on-duty in the middle of the night when we were dispatched a priority felony menacing call of a white male who’d walked into the front office of Motel 6 and pointed a handgun at the clerk’s face across the reception counter. The guy reportedly also had […]

The motivation of a six-year-old hero…

Today, I did a WOD (Work Out of the Day). I’m tired and am a person of perpetual laziness who tends to outwork my own lazy streak and quietly competes to outdo some of the hardest workers I know…while also covertly knowing how internally lazy I actually long to be. Someday…I’ll happily laze myself into […]

Let me tell you about the last seven days…

Handgun Fighting Concepts

Let me tell you about the last week till now. It’s been a whirlwind since, with exhaustion set in yesterday in the later afternoon.  Last Thursday and Friday, both Brent Hickmon and Lora Thorson arrived in town for our Fighting Handgun Concepts (FHC) class, Brent from Colorado and Lora from Montana. These are two of […]

Where’s my dot?!

This last weekend, I taught a Handgun Speed, Accuracy & Movement class in Mesa, AZ. I shouldn’t have; I was recovering from a recent surgical procedure so tried to take it easy throughout but well…I paid for it during and later. Anyway, during that class, it started raining. It wasn’t a tropical torrent, but it […]

Higher Importance

Of our two little stinkers, my oldest is still out of school for the last week of his Christmas break. Today, we’re ensconced tightly on the couch, watching some ocean-themed, spear-fishing YouTube videos we both find interesting as I tap away at the keyboard, working to increase attendance in our Defenders gun classes and manage […]

Organized Noise

Handgun Speed, Accuracy & Movement

My older sister, Wendy, is a concert pianist who’s been playing since quite young, so I grew up to the sounds of a jangling piano. At times, I hated that sound but then my ear began to hear the growing skill through a lot of struggles. Eventually the noise became that of captivating beauty, a […]

Love, Exemplified at Christmas

We’ve been so sick recently, our two little boys, my wife and me. It started with the boys, of course, getting a nasty flu bug wherever little kids get them and all almost two weeks before Christmas. For days, their fevers, snotty noses, wracking coughs, tears and pale faces, coupled with their lethargic, weak, little-boy […]