The motivation of a six-year-old hero…

Today, I did a WOD (Work Out of the Day). I'm tired and am a person of perpetual laziness who tends to outwork my own lazy streak and quietly competes to outdo some of the hardest workers I know…while also covertly knowing how internally lazy I actually long to be.
Someday…I'll happily laze myself into dumpy, incoherent smilingness, and then into a sloven, sloppy grave. What a joyous, restful time that pre-death laziness will be. I secretly envy the quite able-bodied rotund who physically exert with less strenuous frequency. Trepid slothfulness could easily be my soulmate.

Anyway, I did the WOD. My darling son, Axel, joined in, as he often does, all of a scrawny 6 years and lifting his tiny, real weights, and running alongside with me.

Today's WOD appeared fun for the nutty…5 rounds for time of 200m run & 15 pushups and pull across (40 lbs. dumbbell), then directly into 5 more rounds for time of 200m runs & 15 feet elevated inverted rows.
It's a brutal one, if you put your heart into it…and I had a waning heart today…until that nut Axel joined in, laughing as he does.

If you didn't follow his birth and multiple almost-death moments as he struggled through the first 5 months of his precious, tiny life, then this may not mean much to you.
For those of us there, breathlessly living every moment with him, prayerfully begging God for his little life, and witnessing miracle after miracle, this should mean so much to you, as it did to me today.
The “Axel Updates” we wrote on our social media pages went viral, garnering unexpected worldwide attention as we simply tried to keep our family and loved ones updated on his struggle for life, to the point that Readers Digest did a muti-page write up on him, thousands of TV and radio stations worldwide carried his story, Hollywood sent out a professional film crew, and countless people prayed for his survival around the globe.

God heard the prayers – and incredibly skilled medical personnel intervened – sparing a life that should never have been.

Now, he's a happy, spunky, crazy little man, dotting on his sweet, tough mom, hero-worshiping his dad, and often playing with or fighting his equally crazy younger brother.
He's developed the endearing habit of “working out” with his daddy. I revel in these times with him.

We started – him, enthusiastically, me, far less so and all slumped-shouldered, knowing it would be painful and that desired laziness might really win…

But that freak happily took off running beside me in the first 200 meters and poorly lifted his little 3 lbs. dumbbells while I internally grumbled my way through the first round of 15 Pushups & DB Pull Across…and then he laughingly ran out with me on the next 200m run.

He ran a FULL 1400 meters along side of me…and often AHEAD of me during those first seven rounds….in his little “Crocs”, darn near tripping on the asphalt over and over as he sped alongside or ahead of me.
Now, remember, he's six – like 6 – years old. He's small – almost miniature – for his size, with tiny little steps compared to mine.

And he was beating me in the 200m runs more than half the time! I know I'm old…but not that old…yet he was crushing it so much I had to step up my own wimpy efforts to NOT get embarrassed by a six-year-old.

Gratitude washed over. Praise to God Almighty sprang out for this gift of time with such a small hero who has no idea how inspirational and motivational his is.

I drew from that laughing indominable spirit running with me…and found the internal-ness to put natural laze aside and give it my all once again.

A tiny, happy, spunky child pushed a sometimes-tough guy to go harder and be stronger.

How about your life? From whence does unexpected motivation come to you? Can you see it in the many heroes surrounding you?

Heroes come in all sizes and shapes, oft-times without realizing how inspirational they are. In this case, I was blessed and humbled once again with how big God's love really is.

Adam Winch
Founder, Defenders USA